possibility for full acquisition of the association by legal entities and/or insurance companies!

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Following a unanimous decision of the leading persons within the organization, it was decided to grant the management of to individuals, organisations, lawyers/law firms, insurance companies/consortia, who will restructure and focus the ideas of the board in the field of medical errors and who will be able at the same time to properly and purposefully administer and manage the non-profit objectives we have set. The founding board shall be restructured, reformed, etc.

Considering the significant number of medical errors, which, unfortunately, has become an integral part of our daily clinical life, the following decision was taken: 1) The health professionals within the board shall undertake to provide the best possible and most adequate medical justification for controversial diagnoses and the correct therapeutic approach for each patient in the relevant field, and 2) in the event of legal cases, those shall be resolved by the new chairs and/or non-medical professionals – lawyers/insurers.

At present, the organisation, web site and domain of are offered freely (for purchase/acquisition of all rights) and negotiations can be started regarding the acquisition of the entire organisation by third parties.

Contact person: Prof. Dr. G. Tchernev:
00359 885 588 424